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Chapter 10: Irishtown, 1826

This is a wonderful chapter for the proverbial photo album! So I will not hesitate to share. By doing so, you dear reader, will garner some insight into the inspiration behind the settings in "Ananias".

This chapter is ostensibly about our protagonist settling into his new life in Carbonear, his workplace at Fryer Pack & Gosse, and his accommodations at the Shamrock Inn (owned by the colourful Mick Mullowney). I cannot visually take you back to the office of Fryer Pack & Gosse or the Shamrock as they are both long gone, but I can certainly act as your guide along the roads and trails that were used by Ananias and his close friend Will Parsons.

The grand tour follows. I refer you to pages 82 to 88…

Crocker's Cove - Fishing for squid. Same today as 200 years ago. All the boats in the community follow the moving shoal (or school). There's plenty for all.

On the road to Freshwater

Looking ahead towards Flatrock

The road down into Flatrock

The road to Otterbury


The "Ridge" between Flatrock and Salmon Cove

Ananias' first sight of Salmon Cove coming down from the Ridge

"No Will. But my God! Look at it."

Picket Rock, Salmon Cove

Salmon Cove (view from nearby where Will Parsons was born)

Looking back from the trail down to Marshall's Folly

The road down to Marshall's Folly

Marshall's Folly

I hope this little travelogue made it as real for you as it has always been for me...

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