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Launching a novel in the throes of a world-wide pandemic presents a few challenges, but these may be mitigated of overcome completely with a little creativity and ingenuity. This is what I hope to bring to the fore so that Ananias can be read and enjoyed by as many people as possible.


The book publisher, Nevermore Press, is located in Nova Scotia. Therefore, distribution to a wide range of independent bookstores across that province is assured - as well as to a number of sellers outside of Nova Scotia.

The author's home base in St. Johns, NL, will hopefully have exposure through name recognition as James is well known for his support of architectural and urban design causes and his poignant commentaries on issues that arise from such public matters. However, nothing can surpass the celebration of a physical book launch. Stay tuned for more on this.

Three quarters of the story is set in and around Carbonear in beautiful Conception Bay North. Alas. There is however a dearth of bookstores in the area, so sellers are being schmoozed and courted. Again, a physical book launch is viewed as ideal but Covid19 may have other ideas.

And finally, the first quarter of the story is set in Dorset, England, specifically in and around Bridport. Some of you Netflix enthusiasts may recognize this as the setting for the police drama Broadchurch. It would be nice to sell a quintessentially Newfoundland book in the place of its origin. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens...


Where to Purchase Ananias


ANANIAS can be purchased in St. John's at the Travel Bug (downtown) and at Chapters (Kenmount Road).

ANANIAS can be purchased in Carbonear at Michelle's Fine Arts and at the Green Door Bookstore.

ANANIAS can also be purchased through


Virtual Series


Two webinars were convened to help launch ANANIAS. Join me, and publisher Ernest Hadley, as we take a deep dive into the places and events that inspired the novel.

PART ONE: The Making of Ananias - recorded on Thursday, November 12th, 7:00 NST and 6:30 AST

PART TWO: From Fact to Fiction - recorded on Thursday, November 19th, 7:00 NST and 6:30 AST

You can watch both these videos using the following link:

(just scroll down the page)


Ananias Among Top Ten NL "Must-Reads"


ANANIAS was selected as one of the top ten Newfoundland and Labrador books for 2020 by Atlantic Books contributing writer and reviewer Jenn Thornhill Verma.


Goodreads' MTJ Ryan has this to say about Ananias


"Bravo to James Case on writing this wonderful piece of prose, that is arguably one of the finest rookie novels to ever come out of NL in recent times."

*****  (Rated Five Stars)


Consumed by Ink - a glowing review of Ananias


"Ananias was on of the best books I read last year."

"Much of the brilliance of this book is in the meticulously researched and rich details of the places, characters and the time in which they lived. It’s the type of book I would like to quote for you from beginning to end. This is not serious, distant historical fiction – it’s funny and engaging and the characters feel alive. I feel sorry to think these people are no longer around."

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